Help to lead a full & happy life

The most common mental conditions in older people are dementia-related, such as Alzheimer's disease. Depending on the level of dementia, care may be available in our residential or nursing homes.

Living with dementia doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. At Holden Grange Care Group, we understand that there are many ways to help people live a full and happy life. 

Our friendly team of carers offer real understanding and a dignified lifestyle for suffers of dementia. You can be sure that your loved one will be in an understanding, nurturing environment with professionals who have the experience and knowledge to safely care for them.

Our staff are trained in the different stages and types of dementia, and work hard to understand the experience of living with the condition. You can be confident that residents living with dementia receive the empathy and continuity that are so vital to their wellbeing.


Old Timers' 1

Old Timers' 2

Old Timers' 3


The walls of our care homes are adorned with local art and items which will provide comfort and delight to our residents, particularly those suffering with dementia. A great example are these three artworks by local artist Kate Clarke.

The 'Old Timers' series pictured above was commissioned specially for Holden Grange Care Group and we're very proud to have them on display. Kate is a talented artist,  illustrator and printmaker based in Saltaire. You can find out more at her website