The history of Grange Court

Baildon House was built in 1724. When William Holden passed away in 1824, Baildon Lodge was left to his daughter Caroline Anne Lambert. In 1865, the Lambert Family left Baildon Lodge to live in Leeds.

Sir Titus Salt Junior married Catherine Crossley in March 1866 and lived at Baildon Lodge whilst his house, Milner Field, was being rebuilt. Sir Titus Salt Junior left Baildon Lodge with his family and moved to Milner Field. In 1938 Low Baildon Road became Station Road. In the following years, most of the manor houses, including Baildon Lodge, were commandeered for the army.

Baildon Lodge became a residential home for the elderly in 1985, owned by Dr Wozny. This closed in 1996. In 1997 Baildon Lodge was purchased and refurbished by the Berry family. The residential home was reopened as Grange Court in January 1998. Following this there were several building renovations, including joining the existing house to the stable building, building a conservatory, and adding a hair salon. Further work was carried out in 2018 to bring the occupancy of the care home to 30 again. 

With thanks to historian Roger Clarke.